Resource Program

The Resource Program provides smaller classrooms for those students who benefit from a smaller classroom setting within the English Core program,as well as additional support services in the English Language Arts and Mathematics.

  • Academic programs can be adapted to meet the needs of the students as per their IEP, whether or not students receive Resource support.
  • Resource support is offered in English, French and Math classes.
  • Students are not taken out of their classes to work with a Resource teacher. Rather, students may be placed in one or more Resource classes as needed.
  • Resource classes are smaller than regular classes (+/- 16 students) and are taught by a Special Education teacher.
  • For all other subjects, students are integrated into regular classes.
  • Resource classes are available only within the English Core Program.
  • Some classes have the advantage of 2 teachers who co-teach within the English Core program.
  • Resource classes have access to their own portable computer lab.
  • Resource classes follow the regular secondary curriculum with adaptations as needed.
  • Examples of adaptations include allowing extra time to complete exams, scaffolding, breaking down projects into smaller parts, allowing use of computer, etc.
  • Students in Resource classes write the same exams as students in regular classes.